About me

I’m a Swedish girl who lives on an island outside Stockholm. My interests are many; music, animals and nature, photographing, travelling, painting aquarell, computers, etc.

I come from a big family, four sisters and one brother. Its really nice to have a big family, specially when you are the youngest! We had lots of different animals; snakes, reptiles, monkeys, birds, horses, dogs and cats etc. Due to my crazy brother!!! Now we only have cats and dogs.

Travelling is also a big thing in my family, especially to exotic places.
Music is very important to me.

I hope you’ll find my homepage interesting even though my English isn´t perfect!

You could say that I’m both a city- and a countrygirl. I love being on the countryside but I need to have a big city close to me. Well, Stockholm isn’t that big!! In fact only 2 million people, but that’s all right with me. After a whole day in the city I need to get away to the forest and the sea, breath some fresh air and just relax. That’s life! I also like to cook foreign food, especially hot!

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