Webdesigner Photographer Graphical Designer
Webdesigner Photographer Graphical Designer

An ant can actually be more than three elephants! How? As I work with the entire graphic platform makes me a complete supplier. Web design, graphic design and photography, I answer yes to all. With long experience and broad knowledge I become the ant you need, so skip the other elephants. If you are wondering if I live up to the saying ”Industrious as an ant,” the answer is yes even there!

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To me good web design means functionality, user-friendly interface and professional graphical design. A properly designed website should also communicate with the visitor in a good way. Of course, it must be nice looking also.


I create layout, design and orginals to all kinds of publications, advertise-ments, posters, magazines, leaflets, brochures and exhibition material, to name a few.




I take pictures of both animals, people and nature. I put my soul in each and every picture I take and tries to make every picture unique. You can buy my pictures in canvas, photo paper, birthday cards, trays and coasters.